Our world is changing rapidly. One reason for this is the new technologies in the field of digitalization. The internet is increasingly influencing our lives and our everyday life. The turnover for online advertising, e-commerce, and digital communication has been growing for years. In contrast to many other industries, the forecasts here continue to be geared towards growth. Worldwide, more than 1.6 billion USD is spent daily on digital advertising alone. The global e-commerce market continues to grow. In 2020 alone, global e-commerce sales increased by 24% to $4.29 trillion. A significant increase from the 17.9% growth in the previous year. E-commerce now accounts for 20% of all retail sales. At BEST4FRIENDS, we have been involved in these markets for over 10 years, both as consultants and developers.

The partners of the BEST4FRIENDS network have recognized how important a community is for successful work on the internet. Most affiliates, bloggers, influencers, and others, are on the road as lone fighters and competitors with little success. Most of them have a lot of knowledge in online marketing but cannot generate sufficient income. The requirements in the markets have developed so far that teams instead of individuals are needed for successful implementation. That is why the BEST4FRIENDS network is made up of internationally active online marketing managers and experts for the individual areas..

BEST4FRIENDS develops marketing products and services for small and medium-sized enterprises that aim to remain competitive. In addition to the basic products, such as website builder and payment management, these also include programs for online advertising, e-commerce, customer loyalty, and marketing. All these products are intended to help SMEs with the challenges of digitalization. Of course, we also cooperate as partners with well-known enterprises such as Google, Facebook, PayPal, and many other companies, developers, programmers, and specialists worldwide.

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